One day to come is a webshop, but for now we have to make-do with a simplified version of custom painted stuff for sale :) Check out what you can get below and contact me about it via e-mail!

    Also, if you have an idea to have something painted, you are definitely in the right place - I will pinstripe just about anything, as long as it doesn't run away from the brush ;) So just send me an e-mail and tell me what you'd like to have pinstriped and let's have some fun creating crazy custom stuff!

  2. HOME

    Welcome to the Norwegian home of traditional, hand-painted pinstriping!

    Pinstriping & Signwriting Service is a one-man enterprise driven by the creativity of BC the Striper. It brings you the highest quality level custom work. From pinstriping and scrollbrushing, through lettering, to gold leafing and finally glass gilding - it's all in the house. No matter how big or small the project is, the sole purpose is always to make it as perfect as possible and make it the owner's pride and joy.

    Take a tour through the website, don't forget the gallery and if you feel like it, call me or drop me a line anytime!


    If you wish to see me pinstriping live, visit one of the shows listed below. Better still, bring your ride and experience pinstriping first hand!

    Upcoming events:

    • 15 - 16 February 2014 - Kustom Kulture Show 2nd Annual, Helsinki, Finland
    • 03 - 04 May 2014 - Moldestuket Show'n'Shine, Trondheim, Norway
    • 31 May 2014 - Biltreff Classic #13, Spydeberg, Norway
    • 06 - 07 June 2014 - Yttervika Rod & Kustom, Skreia, Norway
    • 28 - 29 June 2014 - Coupe Devils Rod & Kustom Bonanza, Blaker, Norway
    • 04 July 2014 - 4th of July Annual Cruise in LillestrÝm, LillestrÝm Norges Varemesse, Norway
    • 12 - 13 July 2014 - Torp Summer Meet, Sandefjord, Norway
    • 02 - 03 August 2014 - A-Bombers Old Style Weekend, Uddevalla, Sweden
    • 16 - 17 August 2014 - Scandinavian Cal-look Classics, Gardermoen Raceway, Norway
    • 30 August 2014 - Phoenix Get Together, Tonsberg, Norway
    • 05-07 September 2014 - What the Dickens! UK Letterheads Meet, Rochester, United Kingdom
    • 17 - 18 September 2014 - Sign og Print Messe, Exporama, Oslo
    • 10 - 12 October 2014 - Oslo Motor Show, Norges Varemesse, LillestrÝm

    If you dig pinstriping and kustom art you should jump directly to the collection of panels and striped little things that are for sale - simply click on the link below this text and it will send you to the right gallery. Check out the one you like the most, then send me an e-mail about it and soon you can hang it on your garage wall, in the kitchen or on the veranda and enjoy the feeling of a unique piece around you.

    Art for Sale Gallery


    Call me: +47 40 59 88 95

    E-mail me: bc@pinstriping.no

    English or Norwegian, however the latter may not be perfect ;) I'm working on it!

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